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13 YEARS OF GOOD MUSIC - Short Story behind the Brand - ZIGGO DA DJ RSA -

By SATZ Updates · Feb 11, 2022
13 YEARS OF GOOD MUSIC - Short Story behind the Brand - ZIGGO DA DJ RSA - picture

Today we give you a short Profile of a Man who has managed to tick many boxes in life and has helped may to reach their goals (Short, Medium & Long-term Goals). Read his story as he explains himself. 

"Hi, I would kindly like to introduce myself to everyone. I believe we are all looking for Greener Pastures and with great Talent along with Positive attitude we make it to the other side. 

My name is Khanyisani Xaba from South Africa KZN Pietermaritzburg in a small town called Richmond. 

I started my DJying Career back in the Years of my High School Days 13 Years Ago. My Talent has been growing ever since because all i do is from love, i dedicate myself when performing for clients on all my Bookings. 

I have Managed to get myself to over +5K Bookings since the day i started accepting bookings. I have no Manager, been Managing myself all this time. 

Although i have wished to habe a Manager and even made means of getting one but wasn't successful. 

Today i have managed to play alongside with most well-known Artists, been able to work with artists on my Level and above. 

I have grown many artists and Trained a number of DJ's in existence as we speak and they are making good moves in their stands. 

I have Established a Digital Marketing Agency that has Artist Management as one our Services, inspired by the great struggle i have faced as an Artist/ DJ, the Company name is SATZ Infinite Success Pty Ltd , has multiple departments thats deal with Marketing all kinds of Brands and Businesses. 

Artist Managed at SATZ Infinite Success 

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