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Digital Form Builder (Once Off Setup Fee)

Digital Form Builder (Once Off Setup Fee)

R 500

Digital Form Builder is the best form builder to create forms and collect responses.

Online form builders are getting more popular. First of all you don't have to know anything about coding. You just select the format of the answer and write your question. Software developers like online form creators, too. They don't waste long hours in order to create a single form for a website such as a Contact Us form. They can create forms online in a few minutes and embed them into websites with their embed codes. The most important point for a form that is embedded into a website is customization. The design of the form must be in harmony with the webpage. Custom CSS feature of Digital Form Builder let them create forms exactly how they want. When they use Digital Form Builder as a form maker for a job application form every detail of the profile of the institution can be reflected on the form.

With its intuitive and user-friendly form builder interface, Digital Form Builder enables you to create forms within a couple of minutes and start collecting responses instantly. The free plan includes all features and people can collect more responses than any other form builder without being a paid user.


  • Easy with intuitive form builder

Create beautiful online forms such as Customer Satisfaction Survey, Contact Us, Job Application, Registration, Payment & Sales Order Form etc. easily even with your mobile phone. Customize design of the form to reflect your personal taste or corporate identity.


  • Same form, different platforms

Share your form with millions of customers or just a few friends. You can share them on social media, WhatsApp or your website with just a few clicks. Each form has a unique QR Code that you can print and share. You can also share the records or just the statistics.


  • See results instantly

Analyze records instantly. No matter how big the number of records is, you can see the statistics of fields such as single or multiple selection immediately. Digital Form Builder is also an outstanding HTML form builder. You can easily embed all your forms or records on your website.

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