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  • What are the requirements if one wishes to register a

    Shuttle services Company.

    Food and beverage company

SATZ Answer: 

Its a Normal CK then they will get other certificates in line with the other products Authorities, like Alcohol Sales Certificate and stuff.

But for the Company its starts with the CK.

  • Good evening l saw one of your posts on my friend about art things and advertising, I'm studying it now but i do have few ideas though I don't know where to submit to for just to know what happens. I want to plan weddings and events but I don't have a company and money to fund or register the company l want to start. 

SATZ Answer: 

Ok, first of, there is no chances of kick starting a business without funds.

When I'm talking about funds I mean the basic funds to pay for your Company Registration and Branding and other basic stuff.

Advertising can be done through social media till you make funds.

But you need the basic funds which is initially called Capital. In this case we are sorry to advise you that we do not have any funding Campaign in the company.

  • Is the BBEE Cert available too?

SATZ Answer: 

You welcome sir, as for the BEE Certificate its done separately, but there a BEE Affidavit that any Registered Company can access when they need it.

Its only valid for a specific period of time but its renewable when ever you want it.

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