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These Terms and Conditions are only applicable to Long-Term Service Customers Only


1.1. The parties to the Agreement are: 

1.1.1. SATZ Infinite Success Pty Ltd (First Party). Reg No.: K2021/555536/07 

1.1.2. Your Company (2nd Party) 


2.1. The purpose of this agreement is, the 2nd party shall approve all services offered to them as per their request and comply with all Terms & Conditions. 

3. Non-Disclosure The Parties Agree that : 

3.1. They will disclose (In writing or Verbally) their information regarding their Financial Affairs, contractual right and obligations, potential and actual relations with customers, suppliers and stuff, business systems, projections, strategies and budgets, intellectual property, and other necessary information (Confidential Information). 

3.2. They acknowledge that the confidential information is a valuable asset and the property of the disclosing party. There shall be no unauthorized disclosure or use of it except in accordance with this agreement. 

3.3. They will disclose information only to each other, solely to pursue the application process, without disclosing it to third parties. Disclosures may be made to their employees and/ or agents duly authorized or as required by law. 

3.4. If confidential information is disclosed to the parties employees and/ or agents duly authorized, such person shall bind themselves to this agreement. 

3.5. If a party is required by law to disclose confidential information, it must immediately notify the other party(s) in writing of this and will make only such disclosure as is strictly necessary. 

3.6. On written demand and/ or upon the lapse of this agreement a party must return to the other party the confidential information within 5 (Five) Business working days from receipt of demand or from the lapse of this agreement. If the confidential information is in electronic format then the responsible party must destroy or expunge such records in such a manner as is reasonably necessary to maintain its confidentiality. 

3.7. The party will not rely on Warranties, representation or performing any direct sales made by either of them unless recorded in writing and signed by the parties. 

3.8. The party’s rights and obligations in terms of this agreement may be enforced in terms of any remedies available in law, including by interdict or mandatory order of a court of competent jurisdiction. 

3.9. No amendments or abandonment of rights under this agreement will be of any force or effect unless reduced to writing and signed by the parties, and attached to this agreement. 

3.10. This document records the entire agreement between the parties. 

3.11. All legal documents, notices or other communications must be delivered to the following address of the parties, which will act as their domicile citadel et executant: 

First Party: 

Lakhani Chambers, Mounty Naicker Rd, Durban 4001

3.12. Non-legal documents, notices or other communication between the parties may be by electronic communication, where a “read receipt” must be attached to each electronic communication sent so it can be determined that the communication was received and read by the other parties. 

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