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SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

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Marketing your business can take up a ton of time and resources. As an independent retailer, it can be difficult to gain traction through your marketing efforts due to social media algorithm updates and the sheer volume of emails that most people receive daily. 

SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing (or just text marketing), is a simple way to reach your customers and get a much higher ROI. Customers welcome it, too—with 70% agreeing that it’s a great way for businesses to get their attention. 

Network NameStandard Credits
Cell C1
Lyca Mobile SA1
SA Landlines2.5
Telkom Mobile (8ta)1
Unassigned Prefixes1.2


What is SMS marketing? 

Short message service (SMS) marketing is a form of marketing that businesses use to send promotions to customers via text messages. In other words, SMS marketing is the same thing as text marketing.  

Like email marketing, SMS marketing is opt-in, which means customers need to sign up for it. However, unlike email marketing, SMS messages are much shorter (and more likely to be engaged with sooner than emails—more on that later). 


Benefits of SMS marketing. 

SMS marketing has several advantages over other forms of digital marketing. 

It’s fast. 

Text message marketing is fast in more than one sense. Unlike social media or email marketing, you don’t need to design any images to go with your content. Text messages also have a low character limit, so you don’t need to write a ton, either. They’re quick and easy to produce and send. 

Secondly, texts can reach your recipients faster than an Instagram post or email would. Your customers receive instant notifications on their phone when they get a text. Comparatively, they would need to take the additional step of opening a social media app or email client to see your other forms of marketing. 

It has near-perfect open rates. 

If you want people to open your messages, sending them by text is the most effective way to get them to do so. 

Marketing texts are opened a whopping 98% of the time, which is about as close as you can get to a full 100%. By comparison, a study by Mailchimp found that the average open rate for a retail marketing email is only 18.39%. 

It gets high response rates. 

Since SMS open rates are high, its response rates are high as well. The average response rate for an SMS marketing message is 45%, whereas email click-through rates don’t normally break higher than 7%. Customers are significantly more likely to click on a link you send through text versus email. 

Our Features. 

1. Send SMS from the Web. 

  1. Create and send your own SMS. Attachments Attach documents, PDFs, JPEGs and so much more to your SMS messages.
  2. Manage your SMS credits from a single place. Use the app to purchase, top-up, transfer or sponsor your SMS credits.
  3. Easily create and manage your Sender IDs. Send SMS messages from your company or campaign name.


auto-responseAutomate responses to incoming customer messages. 

send-smsSend SMS's from your email. 

delivery-routeSelect your favourite delivery route. 

creditReceive notifications when your credits are low. 

delivery-reportView and download your delivery reports. 

send-unicodesSend Unicode messages. 


2. SMS from your PC. 

Send your SMS messages with the SMS Text Messenger. Download the software for free today!
For Windows and For Mac. 

Personalised messages. 

Ensuring your SMS campaigns are both personal and informative. 


Contact Management. 

Manage local contacts easily and link to external data sources. 


Mobi-gram messaging. 

Send SMS attachments with a trackable link. (Windows version only). 

Schedule your SMS messagesSchedule your SMS messages. 

Send Unicode messagesSend Unicode messages. 

Create and manage SMS templatesCreate and manage SMS templates. 

Personalised Sender IDsPersonalised Sender IDs. 

Send long messagesSend long messages. 

Detailed reportingDetailed delivery reports.

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