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Social Media Package

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We offer remote social media management services to small businesses worldwide, so you can step back from marketing your business with the peace of mind your social media footprint is in good hands. We have helped countless small business owners create meaningful content for their social media pages. One thing we will say upfront is that your following means nothing, it the quality of followers that counts which is what we focus on. A small but engaged audience trumps a following of bots or irrelevant markets any day of the week

We offer a number of social media management services, see which one could help your business below. 

01 Social Media Marketing. 

We curate and create content for all major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Each client receives a monthly social media content plan with the option of the Company scheduling and managing your accounts too. 

02 Paid Advertising. 

You know those “sponsored” posts that pop up on your Facebook and Instagram feeds that are super relevant to your recent Google searches? We can create those for your business so you too can pop up in your ideal audience’s feeds. 

03 Social Media Optimization. 

Do your social pages need a total overhaul? We can refresh your social media accounts and optimize your profiles to help you get better results. 

04 Photography. 

We use a network of reputable photographers to take product photographs, headshots and lifestyle images for your social media pages. 

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